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      5G new machine started the "enclosure" war Has not officially on sale, "Sword" operator tariff standards to focus 5G new machine started the "enclosure" war map @ Vision China at present, there are seven mobile phone device obtains Figure 3C certification.Many mobile phone brands began to force 5G phone a few days ago, Chinas first 5G phone open book, which is 5G 5G mobile phone license in China after the first official release in the consumer market, users of open book.According to the timetable of the manufacturer, the second half will be a wave of new machines unveiled 5G.5G as a new generation of communications technology, with high bandwidth, low latency, the advantages of wide connections, not only will change peoples lives, is regarded as a new round of market leveraging technology to update the terminal manufacturers.Last month, as smart phones into the down cycle, some domestic mobile phone enterprises have also entered a period of adjustment.Therefore, 5G commercial open, can bring new opportunities for them to become the industry focus.On the other hand, a growing number of countries and regions to enable global 5G network, local 5G package came out, someones home is how it will package 5G?With the domestic mobile phone 5G debut, I believe carriers 5G tariff packages will soon uncover the mystery.Text, graph / Guangzhou Daily reporter quiet Android manufacturers all media moves grab drink "first taste of the soup" in the market warm-up for nearly a month or 5G mobile phone, and finally show his face.It is reported that, just open the appointment of ZTE axon terminal 5G 5G version of 10 Pro.All media reporter has learned that as early as mid-June, manufacturers have published information on a social networking platform.At about the same time, Huawei side said, has been a partner 20 X terminal 5G Network Access License.However, this model will be officially released tomorrow, and listed in August.The reservations axons 10 Pro 5G version equipped with 6.47 inches screen, high-pass processor 855, support screen fingerprint recognition, also equipped with three rear camera, the battery capacity of 3900mah, Andrews system.From the hardware configuration point of view, the phone is a high-end model configuration.Similarly, configure partner 20 X also is the current mainstream high-end machine configuration.In fact, the first half of this year the market 5G device will focus on the major brands of high-end machine category, which means prices will be concentrated in the high price segment.In addition to "grab hair" in the consumer market, manufacturers in order to "enclosure" can be described as painstaking.Such as Samsung, in May of this years S10 series has become South Koreas first sale of local phone 5G.But in the Chinese market, Samsung has not yet announced a specific release date 5G terminals, but recently launched a name "5G Pioneer Project" service.All media reporter learned that, "0 purchase" of the service with the previous operators of similar.In simple terms, it is to buy the brand within the specified time-related models and pay 99 yuan to join the club, followed by listing on the Samsung 5G phone until within 60 days, users only need to pay the difference and go through certain operator-specific packages , which can be as low as 0 lowest permutations latest 5G phone.Of course, when in the "replacement" 5G models, there are certain requirements and restrictions on the use of 4G mobile phone.Technology industry believe, for 5G mobile phone market this particular time, this way not only allows users to experience the first time 5G models, but also whether the current dispel concerns machine also purchase 4G.Moreover, even after the 5G mobile phone market users found no good imagination, no replacement and no loss.News revealed that at present there are seven mobile phone device obtains Figure 3C certification, Huawei has four, one plus, ZTE, have a cell phone to get the body 3C certification.It is understood that mobile phones were officially listed to get three certifications, including 3C certification, network licensing and non-commissioned approval certificate.These three certificates are indispensable, it means that you can get these certificates market started selling the.The face of various channels to promote hot noisy, the first president of Academy of Sun Yan Biao admits the mobile phone sector, terminal manufacturers are competing 4G last wave of replacement tide.For 5G mobile phones, terminals currently stocking are not many, they are also on the sidelines operators.5G smartphone market expected to boost Year in Review 3G, 4G when on-line, domestic operators in order to further "win" Consumers have been offering 0 purchase and other discount purchase program, to attract users to the network upgrade, accelerate the penetration of new networks, so 3G, 4G market has been large-scale growth.Many large domestic terminal manufacturers is to develop and grow up in the same year communication innovations to give the "dividend" in.5G came the era of terminal equipment to reach a certain size of the market still depends on subsidies for mobile phone operators.According to industry sources, at present, the three operators of the terminal is not subsidies.The 5G phone itself cost is relatively high, which is why the initial upgrade, appearing on the market brands and models available to consumers select few reasons, but the price of 5,000 yuan more concentrated in.According operator said earlier that in 2020, 5G mobile phones will continue to more than 5,000 high-end flagship mobile phone-based 2020 will cover about 3,000 yuan mid-5G phone.By the end of 2020, 1000-2000 yuan gear 5G phone will be put on the market.On the other hand, the second half of this year there is a great opportunity 5G model power consumption, heat and other issues, also said that the user experience will be affected to some extent, be resolved."When the market is up, that is, sales go up, the shortcomings of the technology will be solved."The industry said so, according to its expectations, the issue of power consumption and heat generation to July next year will be a better solution.It is estimated that the main user of the first 5G model is intended for industry professionals, 5G "Nuggets" who, mobile Internet developers, there is a part of the early adopters of technology enthusiasts, but also not too much a part of.Sun Yan Biao, said, "In fact, 5G mobile phones and the popularity of mobile Internet applications are closely related, such as in the 3G era, we can only send text, pictures social platform, and can be sent to 4G is a short video.5G will bring a new era of mobile Internet applications, like vibrato is now a short video of tens of seconds, the next speed upgrade, it will generate new applications to improve the clarity, then will drive consumer demand for upgrading."He also said that some manufacturers are in point of time card 5G, many brands will launch 5G models in the second quarter of next year.In addition, Apple is also expected to push 5G phone in September next year.Under normal circumstances, the market will have a 12-month incubation period.Take a look at other countries 5G 5G standard tariff only have mobile phones can not be used 5G network, to tie tariff packages.Up to now, domestic operators have not yet released 5G tariff packages.However, domestic traffic is expected tariff packages will be available around August or September.Currently, some of the world enabled 5G network of countries and regions have announced 5G tariff packages, we might as well take a look at how the standard tariff of someones home, and then "pinch that math", your wallet can afford.It is understood that the Korean telecom operators provided 5G package is divided into several grades, where the monthly fee and 325 yuan package contains 5G 8GB of monthly traffic from 55,000 won to 130,000 won range, beyond after drop speed.Only more to enjoy more high package 5G traffic, from the tariff of nearly 500 yuan, and have unlimited traffic or not slow down over the course of treatment, etc..As for the US operator Verizon, will 5G package is divided into third gear, at $ 85 per month, $ 95 to $ 105, third gear packages are not limited to traffic, but the first two tranches of the package will be limited in speed, only to meet the needs 480P, 720P online video, respectively, only $ 105 is not limited only to stall speed, while there are not speed 75GB LTE network traffic.5G Finnish mobile operator Elisa launched a package of 50 euros per month for unlimited speed unlimited.Germany has also introduced the 5G tariff packages, we understand that each package offers two charging methods to bind different devices.One is bundled with Samsung S10 5G mobile phone sales, the corresponding tariff packages monthly 84.95 euros, in addition to telephone, text messaging plan, and unlimited traffic, where the uplink rate of 100Mbps.Another bundled HTC 5G hub, corresponding to the monthly fee tariff packages 74.95 euros, unlimited traffic, telephone, text messaging plan, but the rate is up to 50Mbps.On the whole, the current standard price elsewhere 5G, starting in more than $ 300, and are tend to be limited to traffic, but will be limited in speed.5G standard tariff for domestic, domestic operators have been in the distribution of "reassurance".Earlier, China Mobile said the traffic unit price of no more than 5G 4G, 5G and the package should be user-centric, allowing users to get a stronger sense of.In the concessions it is more the greater the discount network age.China Telecom official said, 5G flow rates would not have too high a fee, users can not afford to let.China Unicom also said, 5G mobile phone tariff will only get cheaper than 4G, will not be more expensive than 4G.